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Vehicle Anti-Theft

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This solution guarantees you rescue in emergency situations and security for your parked vehicle. It is designed to send SMS notifications immediately any of the car doors is opened, Ignition has been switched on and the vehicle is about to leave. This gives you a chance to immediately immobilizing the vehicle.

In case of emergency while driving e.g. hijacked, shot at, press a secret panic button fitted in the vehicle, which sends customized SMS notification such as “I am hijacked” with exact location to response unit or police who will be able to track your vehicle immediately.


  • In emergencies you need a system like this because you can’t reach for your mobile phone and call for help, this system guarantees rescue
  • Receive SMS alerts anytime your car is turned ON/OFF
  • Unlock vehicle by SMS in case you have locked in your car keys.
  • Receive alert when any of your doors or boot is opened when not supposed to.
  • 100% anti-theft, as you get notified before your vehicle is driven off and have power to immobilize.
  • Receive alert and GPS coordinates when your car battery is going low, or disconnected
  • GSM and wed based meaning you can manage your fleet/or car anytime anywhere
  • In-built GPS tracker

Looking for best partner for your security? At Bein, we warn you before intrusion.