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GSM Integration

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This solution is offered to clients who already have installed security system.

How do you know your security has been compromised?

Do you rely on a third party to alert you when there is an intrusion at your business premise or home? Well, Bein Systems makes you the master of your own security.

We have based this solution around the GSM platform; almost every one of our targeted customers has a mobile phone and that’s the catch.

Therefore, we integrate the existing security systems to perform as single unit and give you full control and real flow of information from your security systems to your mobile phone. You get notified of any burglary attempt or intrusion via SMS from anywhere in the world Immediately they happen. NO delays! These alerts are sent in bulk to up to 10 numbers of your choice enabling immediate response which means saving life and loses


  • Get notified when your main entrances and gates are opened at the wrong time
  • Get notified of an entrance to a restricted area
  • Get notified whether your security systems such electric fence has been turned off when it should not
  • Get to arm or disarm your premises from your phone remotely in case it was left unarmed past normal time
  • Reduces chances of in-house coordinated burglary, since you have full security control
  • Intruder alarm system integration know when your house or business is in alarm
  • Access control integration know when there is an unauthorized entry in sensitive business areas
  • CCTV motion detection push notifications to your phone
  • Third party Automation e.g. open gates or start motors from your mobile phone

Looking for best partner for your security? At Bein, we warn you before intrusion.