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Business Monitoring

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Are you worried about what is going on at your place of business while you are away?

This solution provides you with all the information you need to know about your business on your mobile phone. Using technology merged with intelligent security systems we are able to tailor made a solution that curbs your business challenge. This business solution assists you in monitoring, controlling and managing staff and activities remotely.

We give you the ability to understand diverse customer needs and deliver optimal quality driven solution by Integrating third party systems, Human Resource systems, powers systems and existing security systems to create a reliable optimum and information generating security solution

It will guarantee you security of your, business premises, stock and staff and offer you a peace of mind and time to focus on other business deals.


  • No one or nothing gets in or out of the business premise unseen, unrecorded or undetected.
  • Doors, safes and vaults: We inform you who unlocks or locks your office doors, safes, vaults immediately using SMS notification.
  • Get know what time your business is opened and closed and by whom
  • Data recording and analysis: be able to have data e.g. most visited areas within the premise, busiest counter, most intruded section, etc. for the benefit of the business
  • Item lift: The solution has the ability to track an item and trigger an alarm when an item has been lifted from its position or someone has reached out for the wrong item. Esp. from shelves
  • Restricted access; we let you decide who enters where and when.

Looking for best partner for your security? At Bein, we warn you before intrusion.