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Keep working we will notify you when to watch your cameras that is what BEIN SYSTEMS does.

This layer enables you view activities around your home/business and immediately receive a security breach alert.

We install CCTV cameras that matches your security needs. Each camera feature customized to accomplish a certain task based on the information our client needs. E.g. Motion detection, Nanny Cameras, Audio Cameras to enable you talk to your Staff or Intruders remotely, Counting Cameras, Thermal Cameras, etc.


  • Active Deterrence cameras that links video with audio, information and alarm to verify potential risks.
  • Perimeter & Premises protection. Be able to monitor and be notified of any potential threats in and out of the premise boundary.
  • Active deterrence cameras that actively warn off intruders with light and siren, alert users in real-time and provides video verification on their phone
  • Stock protection in business: detect unauthorized entry into restricted areas
  • Data recording and analysis: be able to have data e.g. most visited areas within the premise, busiest counter, most intruded section.
  • No More difficult evidence retrieval: our systems record colored images at night.
  • Remote and Onsite Monitoring

Looking for best partner for your security? At Bein We Warn You Before Intrusion.