Gated Community

Gated Community

o Reliable information & Data on human & vehicle movement in and out of the estate for both visitors and residents
o Secure wireless intercom communication from the gate to residents without the use of personal mobile phone at the main gate.
o Accurate real time information on whose house is under attack and from which room/area of the house.
o Accurate real time information on Estate’s perimeter breach
o Emergencies alert such as medical, fire etc.
o Both residents and managements receive SMS alert from whenever they are around the globe through your Mobile Devices e.g. smart phone, Tablet, laptop etc.
o 24hrs surveillance of the entire estate


1. Common response company for security or medical saves cost
2. Real Time Security & Emergency Notification
3. Family and Property protection
4. Uncompromised Back-up: In most cases, the back-up company may delay to respond but this system enables combined effort into rescuing each other possible.

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