Gate Automation


Gate Automation

Security starts at the gate, we automate your existing gate this removes the human element, which might be a security loophole and in long term saves you money. We have several ways to know whether your gate is open namely; Visual light, Audio buzzer, SMS alert or a combination of all.

  • Gate automation is now commonly accepted as one of the best options to secure your property.
  • Automatic Gates offer convenience and security. Most people report that once they have installed automatic gates they feel more secure (especially at nights), that they are delighted with the ease of operation, and also that their property feels more exclusive.
  • Numerous other benefits come with the package including added value to your property (some say that a house sells quicker as automatic gates impress prospective buyers), increasing the style of your house.

Do you have to buy a new gate?
NO, BEIN SYSTEMS does not want you to bear the cost of a new gate. We inspect the existing gate to establish whether it can be automated in its current state or be modified to do so. In most instances, your existing gate will be suitable for automation
The gate can be opened using the provided remote buttons or use specialized systems like the intercom installed at the gate. It is common for us to react to each person’s requirements and we can offer systems that allow you freely open your gate remotely using your mobile phone
Will the gate crush my car?
Safety is paramount with our installations. Our operators include anti-crush features, and most systems will include safety photocells as standard.
How do I know the right motor for my existing sliding or swing gate?
The choice of the gate motor depends on the weight and length of your gate
On purchase of the motor it comes with two remote buttons of up to 100 meters
What happens when there is no power?
The motor comes with internal back-up batteries
They have a manual override as well
Other practices
We can fabricate the gate for you if you gave us the design, or you do it by yourself as per the guide line will provide .
No need for pad-locks unless on manual.

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