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Temperature monitoring and SMS notification system for freezers, cold rooms and incubators.

This is a user-friendly system for real-time Temperature monitoring for cold rooms, refrigerators and freezers, in the food industry, Horticulture, laboratories, research, health and IT. The systems send real-time SMS alerts or Push notifications to the management and technical staff in case Temperatures rise or fall below the required value.

The alerts are sent in bulk to up to ten preset mobile phone numbers. The system enables Authorized personnel and Technical staff to control and monitor temperatures of; Server rooms, Sterilization and/or pasteurization and Pharmacy refrigerator as well.

  • Prevents losses caused by prolonged temperature raise or fall
  • Peace of mind as the system will notify management in case attention is needed
  • Reduced downtime as the system reports the exact problem. e.g Compressor failure, Fan failure, Power loss/restore
  • Easy to use and compatible with any Air conditioning system.
  • Web or GSM based can be used on PC, or Mobile Phones
  • Secured archiving 3-10 years
  • Multi-user and multi-site management

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