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The system prevents intruders from to gain access into a protected area by digging underneath perimeter fence or try to climb on a non-electrified fence such as a chain link or mesh fence.


The JVA VM2 is a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System utilizing Microphonic Cable. The VM2 is designed to monitor one or two zones of microphonic (acoustic) cable to enable the detection of a perimeter breach through the noise and vibrations created by unauthorized access or vandalism.
The monitored cables may be buried to detect digging, attached to a fence or placed inside a wall, Chain-link fence, roof or floor etc. to detect illegal activity. The VM2, coupled with correctly installed cable creates a fully monitored, zoned intrusion detection system.
The VM2 allows you to control and supervise perimeter fence from:
On Site using the optional LCD keypad or Touch keypad
A control room using Perimeter Patrol PC Software Anywhere in the world using the Internet


  • Simple setup of sensitivity levels (Threshold, Event limit)
  • Independent settings for each zone
  • On board Wi-Fi for Virtual Keypad ™ programming
  • Built in charger and space for a 12V 7.2aH backup battery
  • Alarms on noise detection, cable cut, cable short
  • Large number of programmable options
  • 2 control inputs
  • 3 switched 12V DC outputs (Siren and Strobes)3 programmable relay outputs