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Z28 Security Electric Fence Energizer

Z28 Security Electric Fence Energizer
The JVA Z28 is a two zone security electric fence energiser purpose designed for the control and monitoring of perimeter security electric fences. It can meet all of the requirements from basic residential to fully integrated high profile installations. The Z28 can be programmed and controlled using the optional LCD keypad. It can also be networked with other Z Range energizers to form a pulse synchronized group for larger sites which require more than two zones.
The Z28 allows you to control and supervise an electric fence from:
• On Site using the optional LCD keypad
• A control room using Perimeter Patrol1 PC Software
• Anywhere in the world using the Internet

• Safe but effective deterrent, high voltage output
• High and low power modes
• Tested to IEC60336.2.76
• Built in charger and space for a 12V 7.2aH backup battery
• Alarms on fence short or open circuit
• Control and programming via LCD keypad
• Large number of programmable options
• Monitor via PC (using Perimeter Patrol software)
• 3 control inputs which can be configured to take NO or NC control contacts.
• 3 switched 12V DC outputs (2 strobe and 1 siren)

ZM20 Security Electric Fence Monitor

The JVA ZM20 is designed to be coupled with any standard electric fence energizer to power and monitor a perimeter security electric fence. In addition to the features of the ZM1 the ZM20 can be programmed to determine the position of a fault on the fence. Up to 20 different sectors within 1 zone can be differentiated. The ZM20 powers both “ends” of the fence and determines the  position of a fault using digital signal processing.

• 2 to 20 Programmable Sectors
• Reports the fault position (LCD and data output)
• Cut or bridge alarm on sudden reduction in current
• Monitors ground voltage, fence voltage and fence currents
• Control and program via LCD keypad
• Monitor via PC[2] (using Perimeter Patrol software)
• 2 dry contact control inputs
• Siren and Strobe switched 12V DC outputs
• 3 form C relays with many programmable functions
• Built in charger and space for a 12V 7.2aH backup battery
• Run from 16Vac or 12Vdc external source/Solar
• TCP/IP connectivity

ZLM4 Low Voltage Monitor

The JVA ZLM4 is a 4 zone low voltage electric fence monitor. The ZLM4 may be used by itself or in conjunction with a number of high voltage security electric fence energizers. The ZLM4 monitors up to 4 loops of fence wire, each up to several hundred meters long, to detect someone tampering with the fence by cutting or shorting the wires using intrinsically safe, isolated Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) DC. When used in conjunction with a high voltage electric fence energizer the ZLM4 is wired to the non energized earth wires on the fence. In this way the ZML4 can be used to split one high voltage zone into up to 4 low voltage monitored zones for improved targeting of potential security breaches. The ZLM4 will generate an alarm when one of the low voltage wires:
• Is cut (Open Circuit)
• Shorted to ground
• Shorted to a high voltage fence wire
• Cross-coupled to another low voltage wire


• Monitors using safe 50V DC pulses
• Can be used to split a single security electric fence zone into up to 4 low voltage zones
• 4 detection modes
• LCD display for advanced visual feedback on unit monitoring
• Control and program via LCD keypad or Touch keypad
• Monitor via PC using Perimeter Patrol software
• Powered from 16Vac or 24V DC external source/solar
• In built battery charger
• Siren and Strobe switched 12V DC outputs
• 2 control inputs
• 4 form C relay outputs with many programmable functions