Perimeter Security

The physical perimeter fence is your first layer of defense on which we add intelligence on to it. To make it detect and report any intrusion in real time. Imagine a situation where you are notified before the real crime is committed Yes, that is what BEIN SYSTEMS does. It can be; stone wall, electric fence, razor wire, barbed wire, chain-link or mesh.


We monitor the electric fence using modern day energizers which provide deterrent by powering the fence with up to 10,000 volts. Their faultfinding intelligence can pin point the exact point of intrusion within your perimeter and alert you by SMS or visual/audible alarm. Using JVA zm20, zlm4, zm 50 we can sub divided your existing electric fence into sectors hence pin- pointing the exact point of intrusion.


With the use of BEIN Systems’ vibrations sensor cable that runs along the fence programed to trigger an alarm in case a human being climbs or shakes the fence. Its fault finding feature can pin point the exact point of intrusion within your perimeter and alert you by SMS text or visual/audible alarm.


Add razor wire or electric fence on top and then opt for a second layer of defense explained below.


Double galvanized ATI-RUST razor wire which gives over 10yrs service adds deterrent on wall fences, chain-link and mesh fences. Its installation technique determines on how well it can deter.

Perimeter Anti Dig

The system prevents intruders from to gain access into a protected area by digging underneath perimeter fence or try to climb on a non-electrified fence such as a chain link or mesh fence.

Electric Fence Zoning

Subdividing an electric fence into small manageable zones for accurate intrusion detection and fault finding, resulting into accurate alarm response.

Fence Monitor Software

We enable you control and monitor your electric fence on a personal computer or any mobile device. Have the ability to integrate and monitor gates, cctv, alarms, etc all from one platform.