The JVA Perimeter Patrol Software presents a user with visual presentation of one or more energizers to be monitored & or controlled from an offsite PC or alternative device so their electric fence System is viewed on screen.
Perimeter patrol software displays the fence line on a map of the protected area with all the fence performance information alongside it in real time. (Voltage, alarms status, battery status, fence on/off, etc.). It’s an advanced electric fence and third party monitoring Solution. Where all the security systems are integrated and displayed on one platform.

1. ACCOUNTABILITY Perimeter patrol brings accountable security; Fence cannot be switched on & off without someone being alerted outside the sections team. Alarms cannot be ignored, all alarms are reported and logged for future ref & analysis.
2. REMOTE CONTROLLABLE The entire fence can be controlled from one location.
3. REAL TIME INFORMATION Improves the response time with super-fast relay to teams on the ground!
4. PROGRAMMABLE making the fence resistant to false alarms, by making it sensitive to humans & animals but less seasonally sensitive.
5. REPORTING/SENDING ALERTS to a response team & other responsible parties immediately an alarm occurs.
6. DATA COLLECTION, Accurate data collection on activities from the fence lines, enabling management to act on the findings, e.g. which section of fence is affected by a certain problem e.g., fence cuts, power loss, short-circuits, & other relevant info needed to allow for accurate preventative maintenance.
7. USER FRIENDLY MULTI ACCESS. More than one authorized person e.g. Managers/Supervisors can easily access all the fence information & monitor the fence from their work station or portable devices, e.g. smart phone, tablet or laptop.
8. THIRD PARTY INTERGATION can be integrated with CCTV, gates, intruder alarm systems, guard patrol system etc.

Benefits of monitoring your Electric-Fence using Perimeter Patrol
a. Central control with onsite and offsite alarm notifications
b. Accurate fault & intrusion identification
c. Quicker response opportunity
d. In the long-term Saves money & labor; fewer vehicle & human patrols as the fence will notify when there is a problem.
e. 3yrs log and data records
f. One off installation cost, no monthly charges