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Home Security. Business Security. Perimeter Security. GSM Integration. Vehicle Anti Theft.

BEIN SYSTEMS LTD is Kenyans most trusted specialist in the provision of Electronic Preventive Security Solutions. We notify you before your property or business perimeter security is breached. Our layered security approach; create layers of security which when consecutively breached sends consecutive alerts hence notifying you how close your enemy is, buying you time to save yourself, family or property.

For customers who want to feel safer while in or away from their homes or business. Bein systems provides you with full control of your security. Our cost-effective Security Solutions are focused on mitigating risk and enabling individuals and organizations to have total security and peace of mind.

To us a delayed response means LIFE OR DEATH; therefore, we alert you beforehand so you can have a tactical advantage. Crime statistics are increasing, and we can’t trust humans fully, to guard us, we have to really on intelligent security solutions.

Bein systems sets itself apart from other security companies with its innovation; it gives you peace of mind knowing not a third party is monitoring your home and business but incorruptible Intelligent systems that will alert you in case of any attempted security violation.

Bein Systems friendship, and listening ear results in practical security solutions, tailor made to meet the unique needs of all its clients

Our Founder x

The founder, Ibrahim Nyali - Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with over 10 years’ experience in Security & Telecommunication as an electronic security systems integrator has implemented life changing security solutions for Private homes, National Parks, Sanctuaries and Corporate clients. About the Founder
We believe the best security system is the one that warns you before-hand that way we save Life and Businesses. At Bein systems we are led by Ideas, We specialize in creating security & monitoring solutions that add value to the life changing to our local and international customers Director's Message

We are your Preventive Security Systems Company x

Our Vision

To be the final stop of Preventive Integrated Electronic Security Solutions in East-Africa and beyond

Our Mission

To use electronic security systems to build a hedge of protection for our customers; a place where people & business are confidently secure because everyone deserves peace.



We hide nothing from our customers; we are honourable in everything we do.


We are professional in everything we do.


The Job is considered done when the client is satisfied.


We strive to provide the highest quality of products and services with warranties.


We continually invest in our people, processes and technology, striving for excellence in our team and in the solutions, we provide.

Looking for best partner for your preventive security solution?

Our Process x

  • System Planning
  • Installation and Commissioning Services
  • Industry-leading Warranty Program
  • Training and System Support
  • Confidentiality Guarantee
Experienced project managers will assess your project and site parameters to customize a system that addresses budgetary and security goals. We can provide turnkey protection solutions or design a system to interface seamlessly with your existing security package.
Our global network of factory-certified systems integrators can handle your complete installation requirements. Once installed, we offer factory commissioning of your detection system by highly qualified Bein Systems field service personnel to ensure peak performance.
We are serious about sensor performance. To reinforce the reliability of our systems and further broaden their value-to-investment ratio, Bein Systems offers five-year warranty protection on our complete range of perimeter security products.
Extensive product training backs every system we deliver—ensuring that your equipment is installed and maintained according to factory specifications. Should you require post-sales technical support, our experienced service engineers are on-call to assist you for the life of your system.
We understand that with access to the Client’s Physical Security systems, we’ll come in contact with multiple sources of confidential and non‐public information. This information, which is protected by Government Laws and privacy regulations, includes, but is not imited to; video recordings, door access, history, and usage, personal observations, and other details about the Client’s home or business practices, safety, security and emergency issues. To this effect, we sign a Non-disclosure agreement and strictly adhere to it.

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What They Says x

Bein Systems Limited has transformed the way we manage our physical intrusion detection systems. We’re now able to fully leverage our existing sensors to collectively provide us a clearer understanding of our airport. With less false alarms and more focus, our teams can now react to threats faster with more confidence." Airport Security Manager
Our end user is extremely happy with the final installation and overall system. Bein Systems Limited provided very detailed training on the system, an excellent installation customer service and an extensive maintenance package. Home Owner, Mombasa


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