Kenya's Most Trusted Specialist in preventive security


BEIN SYSTEMS LTD is Kenyans most trusted specialist in the provision of preventive Perimeter Protection Solutions. We notify you before your property or business perimeter security is breached.

For  customers who want to feel safer while in or away from their homes or business. Bein systems provides you with full control of your security. Bein systems sets itself apart from other security companies with its innovation, friendship, customer obsession and practical security solutions. To us a delay means LIFE OR DEATH; it means you lose your property or save it, we warn you beforehand so you can have a tactical advantage.

Crime statistics are increasing, and we can’t trust humans who can be corrupted to guard us, we have to really on intelligent technical ideas. We are able to create layers of security which when consecutively breached sends alerts hence notifying you how close your enemy is, buying you time to save yourself, family or property.

Home security solution


  • We assess what you want to secure, analyze in detail any security loop-hole, hear your concerns and challenges then give out a solution using our products and services.
  • We do not need to change the entire existing system if you already have some, unless necessary; we can make few adjustments to make the system compatible with the solution we are offering.
  • Each solution is designed to fit your budget and room for step by step installation which will result to same desired solution. Do not worry about your pocket you will be safe anyway!


Our Mission– is to project top quality customized security solutions & integration throughout the region and to champion the highest levels of quality in each service we offer.

Vision – To be the final stop of preventive security solutions in East Africa and beyond.


DILIGENCE – We are honorable, honest and respectful in everything we do; will not complete a job until the client is completely satisfied and will provide a full after sales service and professional consultation for all our customers.

QUALITY – We strive to provide the highest quality of products and services with warranties. We continually invest in our people, processes and technology, striving for excellence in our team and in the solutions, we provide.


All BEIN products carry Warranties and are of the highest quality in the market. We provide warranty on workmanship as well.

High Security Services

  • Corporate Security
  • Hotel Emergency Alerts
  • Realtors & Developers
  • Gated Communities
  • Vehicle Panic Alert
  • Intruder Alert System

Office Hotline

(0737) 954304

Security Designed For You

We provide customized security solutions to help protect your loved ones.
What we do

Solutions & Services

We specialize in creating security & monitoring solutions that are life changing. We listen to our customer’s security challenges then we design a solution for them.
Home Security
Laser Beams
CCTV Surveillance
Perimeter Security
GSM Intergration
Business Monitoring
Cold Room SMS Alert
Gated Community
Intruder Alert System

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